Huddled Around A Heater with Poodles- UKC Show December 9-11, Marshall, Texas

    Wekay's Lady Marmalade UKC GRCH Photo

I just received LaBelle’s Grand Champion certificate, and I am so proud of her! She definitely earned her Grand the hard way.  She finished her Championship and started working on her Grand Championship at Gateway Nationals, in October, with all the gorgeous poodle competition there. Then she finished it up at Marshall in December at the coldest show we have attended in a really long time. Team Texas were all huddled around a heater with jackets and blankets on!  Even in the cold, she performed like a champ, as did Misty Ann, who was nice enough to handle her for me that weekend. Our next show is coming up at Haughton, Louisiana, February 18-19. We are really looking forward to getting the girls and Bacardi back in the ring. Chris has been working with them, and he is confident and ready to work on the last two legs of Grace’s grand championship. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! This will be my last show before my much needed foot surgery. Looking forward to doing more than hobbling around this year. 🙂