I have people calling me wanting to buy a poodle because they would like to breed dogs. I rarely sell full rights to my puppies, and under my control, these sales go only to people that I have no doubt will understand that this is not just a matter of throwing two dogs in the backyard and letting them breed. It is a dedication that requires a lot of hard work and expense and brings both happiness and intense sorrow.

Gemini’s puppies were born on June 10, 2017. Whelping began unexpectedly on the way back from picking up my granddaughter in Canton. The first puppy born, the cream girl, was somehow injured at birth presumably by a first time mother’s overzealous cleaning and trimming of the umbilical cord resulting in a cut to her leg. She was taken to emergency and the wound sutured; she was put on antibiotics; and we sweated through the first few days praying that there would be no infection. She thrived, and our prayers were answered. The wound healed perfectly. However, her foot turned outward. Her vet wanted to give it a week to correct with plans to splint it if needed. Her foot didn’t improve, and today she was taken in for her splint. An x-ray was taken, and it was discovered that her femur was damaged. We will wait and pray that she will be able to have this corrected with surgery when she is a bit older, but in the meantime, I sit here in tears mourning for my baby and feeling that I didn’t do something just as I should have.