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Harlow and Logan’s 7 July 2017 Litter

Pups from this litter have all been placed. Accepting applications and deposits for upcoming litters.

MBIS RBIS BISS UKC GRCH Wekay’s Libeled Lady CGCA (Harlow) was bred late Spring for parti puppies born on July 7th. She had 8 beautiful standard poodle parti puppies, 2 boys and 6 girls! Harlow was #1 Multicolored Standard Poodle in UKC’s 2015 Top Ten. The stud is BIMBS UGRCH Paisleylane Debonair Wolverine THDX, TKA, CGCA, VCX, RTD (Logan). Logan belongs to Debbi Cole of Debonair Poodles in Florida and I am so grateful she allowed me to use Logan again and hosted Harlow for her extended summer vacation. See my blog for how this mischievous girl tried to stay in Florida for as long as she could!  Logan is a wonderful handsome well structured boy who brings much love and joy to the kids he helps in his therapy team day job with the R.E.A.D program (with his Mom Debbi).  This is Harlow’s second litter with Logan. They had some phenomenal babies the first time around and these are just as fabulous! See her individual page for pics of their first litter. My Labelle (GRCH) and Grace (CH) were Rose City Standards’ keepers from that litter and another daughter, Lark has her championship and is working performance sports now.

View the litter test pedigree Parents are health tested and pup comes with a 26 month health guarantee. See Purchasing Info page for contract/health warranty details. Updated photos of each pup will be posted on this page as well as occasional videos. I will also have a few blog and facebook posts about this litter.

Thanks to Debbi of Debonair Standard Poodles for these wonderful pics of Logan!

Welcome to the world Harlow and Logan babies!

Harlow and her pretty babies!

Brat Pack is 3 weeks old!

We have finally decided on a theme for the Harlow/Logan litter which was picked by my Granddaughter after an inspiring marathon of 80’s movies. Introducing the BRAT PACK!

Puppy #4  Tan Collar – Full Black & White Tuxedo Female – DEMI (Moore) – SOLD to Donna in California

Puppy #1 White Collar – Black & White Female – LEA (Thompson) – SOLD to Karen in Ohio

Puppy #3  Brown Collar – Black & White Male – LOWE (Rob) – NOW GUNNAR – SOLD to Sandra in Oklahoma

Puppy #5  Pink Collar  – Full Black & White Tuxedo Female – MOLLY (Ringwald) –  STAYING HERE AT ROSE CITY STANDARDS

Puppy #6  Light Orange Collar – Black & White Female – MARY (Stuart Masterson) – SOLD to Julie in Florida

Puppy #7 Red Collar – Black & White Female – ALLY (Sheedy) –  NOW Shae, SOLD to Amanda in Virgina

Puppy #8 Black Collar – Black & White Female – ANNIE (Potts) – SOLD to Kay and Peter in Texas

Puppy #9 Green Collar – Dark Cream and White Male – JUDD (Nelson) – SOLD to Viva and Trey in Alabama

Puppy Deposits and Prices

Deposits are required to reserve a pup from this litter and to preserve picking order. Please make sure you have read the purchasing info page and my contract first. If you are serious about a puppy, please fill out my puppy application. Contact me via the Contact Us Page with any questions you may have.

Our deposit is $350 to hold your picking order for a litter.  Usually we may keep one or two for our program or for stud owner, and we always get first choice. We always reserve the right to keep as many pups for ourselves as we like. Your deposit is refundable if the pups left after our choice or other deposit holder choices (ahead of yours) are not what you were looking for. You may also choose to apply your deposit to the next litter instead. If you had your pick and chose your puppy, the deposit is no longer refundable but can be applied to our next litter. This is only fair as we usually turn down multiple potential buyers while holding your puppy for you.

Pet prices (limited registration – no breeding rights) for our puppies are $1500 for solid pups and $1800 for parti pups.  Full registration may occasionally be available on certain pups with co-ownership, conditions that must be met, and an extra $1000. Shipping is available for extra fee. See the Contract/Guarantee from Purchasing Info page for more details.

Harlow and Logan’s babies were born on the 7th of July

Rose City Standard Poodles is proud to announce the birth of Harlow and Logan's 8 beautiful healthy parti puppies. There are 2 boys and 6 girls. There would have been 9 but sadly #2 was stillborn. All 8 are doing great!

Harlow’s last groom before whelping

Harlow is getting her last groom before whelping. Bless her heart, she is so big and has six more days to go.

Preggo Harlow

Harlow is looking uncomfortable. Her puppies by Logan are due about July 8th.

Harlow’s pregnancy is confirmed with ultrasound!

Harlow had her ultrasound on the 5th. The vet guesses nine or ten puppies! I am now accepting applications and deposits on this exceptional litter!

Harlow is finally home after her Florida honeymoon with Logan

Harlow finally made it home about a week ago. After an extended Florida vacation and a honeymoon with the handsome Logan, Harlow has returned to Rose City Standard Poodles. Thanks is not strong enough for the gratitude I feel for Debbi and Jim Cole who “hosted” this prolonged stay in Florida, and for grandaughter, Kaelyn, who gave Harlow the hugs and kisses I could not while she was away. Thank you. Thank you.
Logan is either sad that Harlow has returned home or is totally worn out with wooing two ladies, Harlow and Debonaire Poodles’ beautiful Katie. His reading therapy was a bit disrupted!
Harlow will be ultrasounded in a few weeks to verify pregnancy, and I will then begin accepting deposits.

Honeymoon OR Extended Florida Vacation?

A follow up on Harlow’s honeymoon/vacation to Debonair Poodles in Florida for her rendezvous with Logan. Although she is being treated like a princess (literally), she has absolutely refused to go into season, which was due the first part of March. I would think that she would want to get this done so that she can come back home. You think maybe she has decided on an extended vacation?

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